Small Food Bakery

Celebrating the craft of Small Food Bakery

The Brief

Explore and celebrate craft and all that could entail.

The Concept

Celebrating the craft of artisan breadmaking in a way that reflects the story, the skill and the meaning.

The Solution

Telling the story of Small Food Bakery, a bakery in Nottingham that specialises in hand-made sourdough, through a variety of visual assets.

Small Food Bakery was started by owner and baker Kimberley Bell in 2014. Kim is a self-taught baker who wanted to start a food business which allowed her to explore the supply chain and political issues surrounding ‘Big Food’ produced in supermarkets. She is actively involved in ‘taking back control’ of the bakery’s food chain by using completely transparent and traceable ingredients.
Chloe Morris
All of the bakery's bread and pastries are naturally leavened and slowly fermented for up to 30 hours to allow naturally-occurring yeast and beneficial bacteria to develop in the dough before baking

Chloe Morris
The interior of the bakery immerses customers in the Small Food story. Wall art shows the variety of bread they make, celebrating the craft of the process, the making and the story of the bakery.
Chloe Morris
The variety of handmade breads and pastries is also something to celebrate within the story of Small Food Bakery. They regularly try out new combinations of ingredients and experiment with different dough types.
Chloe Morris
All of these breads are presented as printed illustrations on the packaging, bread wrappings and take-out coffee cups, to take home a part of the story behind the the ingredients and process of making each one.